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Pilates on the Hill

  • Posted on
  • 1846
NameDeb Falcone
Company NamePilates on the Hill
Business CategoryFitness/Pilates
Company Description1 hour private or semi private session by appointment
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FI_Pilates_On_The_HillEveryday life is serious enough, fitness has to be FUN! When you find something active that you enjoy, the sweating, burning, and breathlessness becomes a positive part of your being. You feel more relaxed, have more confidence and energy. I strive to instill the FUN part of exercise in my students, to help you have a better day, quality of life or simply just a great & fun workout! My workouts are specifically designed to tone your entire body, strengthen your core and improve your posture. I sprinkle in a variety of Pilates and non-traditional Pilates moves, but always stay true to the principles of Pilates.