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Bark Busters

  • Posted on
  • 1923
NameRobert Machi
Company NameBark Busters Home Dog Training
Business CategoryDog Training, Toys and Equipment
Company DescriptionBark Busters is the world’s largest in-home dog training company. Robert has been with Bark Busters since August 2004 and trained over 1,500 dogs. Bark Busters also offers the very best dog training equipment like the revolutionary new dog walking communication harness, The WaggWalker®, and their brand new toy that will be featured on the upcoming TV special Best Products of Super Zoo 2015, The GameChangerTM – The Ultimate Toy for Dogs My goal is that every dog that I meet never be in danger of losing their family
BNI Position-

FI_BarkBustersBark Busters founders Sylvia and Danny Wilson have refined a method of dog obedience training that makes dog training easy and accessible to all. With Bark Busters, you work directly with a dog trainer in your own home using a method that takes into account the unique challenges you’re facing and then fosters a positive relationship between you and your dog. This method enables you to build a lasting, emotional bond based on trust and respect, which in turn aids in overcoming past challenges with your pet. Bark Busters dog trainers focus heavily on training people, as much or more as training dogs, so that once you learn to communicate effectively with your dog, you will have the necessary tools to be an effective dog trainer and “leader of his/her pack.”